S01 E12 - The Rancor



On the twelfth episode of Highly Suspect, the Gran Noopa unfolds. Garrick waits for the right moment to assassinate Denga the Hutt, while Cas and Movack fight two rival teams and some unforeseen obstacles. This is the second part of a two part arc, that’s unofficially brought to you by Carlo Rossi. Listen to the other part here, and please listen to it first. Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and our Website.

Show Notes

Ray Shields



Gand Findsman



Carlo Rossi


*Spoilers* In this episode we saw a Rancor handily destroy an Acklay… It seemed obvious that this would be the way it went down, but a few weeks later we tried it out. Using the stats from the Edge of the Empire Creatures of the Galaxy Deck (these decks are super fun by the way) we just pitted a Rancor against an Acklay and the Acklay DESTROYED the Rancor. You live and you learn…


Learn about the cast here, and see more detailed credits here.

The theme song is Far Apart by Airglow, and the score is made up of Action Loop and Ambient Loop by Alex Koeneman as T . V _ M A G I C (which he so kindly made for us).