S01 E11 - The Gran Noopa



On the eleventh episode of Highly Suspect, the cast starts drinking to early. The crew of the highly suspect is tasked with fighting in a gladiatorial contest, the Gran Noopa. Also this is part of a two episode arc, and we’re releasing them together! We aren’t only releasing these together because we drank a gallon of Carlo Rossi, but that’s definitely part of it. You can find the second part here. Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and our Website.

Show Notes

Verpine Shatter Rifle

Mandalorian Armor

Death Sticks


Nal Hutta


Gand Findsman


Carlo Rossi


Learn about the cast here, and see more detailed credits here.

The theme song is Far Apart by Airglow, and the score is made up of Action Loop and Ambient Loop by Alex Koeneman as T . V _ M A G I C (which he so kindly made for us).