Smuggler - Thief

Cas is the definition of a smuggler. Charming, sly, and what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in luck. Raised by the Chiss pirate Hosk, Cas has left the only family he has ever known in search of his true heritage.


Movack HAMUS

Bounty Hunter - Gadgeteer

Force Sensitive Exile

Movak is a force sensitive Dathomirian Zabrak that was sold as a slave by the Night Sisters. After escaping his masters, Movak found work as a hired gun and bodyguard for small time crime lords before meeting Cas and Garrik and taking to the stars.


Garrik GA

Spy - Scout

Garrik is a ruthless bounty hunter with only one thing on his mind. Credits. After his old crew obtained bounties on themselves, Garrik quickly sold them out, collecting the credits and moving onto the next big job.