S01 E16 - Vidar



On the sixteenth episode of Highly Suspect, and the final episode of our first season, the crew catches up with their quarry. As Ben says in the episode, we’re crazy thankful to everyone that’s listened and everyone that’s let us know! Please contact us wherever you prefer and we’d love it if you could throw us an iTunes review. We’ll be back with season 2 after a few short weeks, so if you’ve got input now’s the time! As always keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and our Website.

Show Notes

Rampa Minor


VCX-Series Auxiliary Starfighter



Ardos Disk


Blow me away


Again, we can’t thank you enough for sticking with us so far, and we can’t wait to bring you more episodes. Seriously though, let us know what you think!

*Spoilers* If the scene in the asteroid colony seems brief, that’s because we originally had a big fight scene there, but we lost it due to technical difficulties. Instead of trying to replay it and risk any of this feeling scripted, Ben did some on the spot re-writing and we got to the climax a little bit quicker.


Learn about the cast here, and see more detailed credits here.

The theme song is Far Apart by Airglow, and the score is made up of Action Loop and Ambient Loop by Alex Koeneman as T . V _ M A G I C (which he so kindly made for us).