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S01 E16 - Vidar

On the sixteenth episode of Highly Suspect, and the final episode of our first season, the crew catches up with their quarry. As Ben says in the episode, we’re crazy thankful to everyone that’s listened and everyone that’s let us know! Please contact us wherever you prefer and we’d love it if you could throw us an iTunes review. We’ll be back with season 2 after a few short weeks, so if you’ve got input now’s the time!

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S01 E12 - The Rancor

On the twelfth episode of Highly Suspect, the Gran Noopa unfolds. Garrick waits for the right moment to assassinate Denga the Hutt, while Cas and Movack fight two rival teams and some unforeseen obstacles. This is the second part of a two part arc, that’s unofficially brought to you by Carlo Rossi.

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S01 E11 - The Gran Noopa

On the eleventh episode of Highly Suspect, the cast starts drinking to early. The crew of the highly suspect is tasked with fighting in a gladiatorial contest, the Gran Noopa. Also this is part of a two episode arc, and we’re releasing them together! We aren’t only releasing these together because we drank a gallon of Carlo Rossi, but that’s definitely part of it.

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S01 E04 - Bri Latt

On the fourth episode of Highly Suspect, join the crew as they continue to mingle aboard the luxury yacht The Deception. Cas and Movack learn more about the nefarious passengers, while Garrik continues to work from the shadows, getting ever closer to the Idol of Kor. Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our Website.

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S01 E03 - The Deception

On the third episode of Highly Suspect, the crew boards the Deception. Cas and Movack infiltrate the seedy underworld auction, and Garrik crawls around in the vents (like only a silhouette 0 character can). Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our Website.

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S01 E00 - Trailer

Next Monday, December 3rd we'll be posting the first episode of Highly Suspect, titled Vero Den. Check back with us then, or subscribe on iTunes, Overcast, Google Play, Spotify, or hopefully where ever else you listen to your podcasts (assuming we don’t screw something up). If you can’t find us on the service you use, let us know here, and we’ll see what we can do. (Here’s our RSS feed in the meantime.)

In the mean time we’ll be working on getting our social media accounts running on facebook, twitter and instagram. For now please check out our website!

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